DIY versus Professional Service

ASAP Appliance Service San Clemente Technician Explains the Danger Associated with DIY Appliance Repair

How far should the owner go in attempting to fix their home appliances?


San Clemente, CA – San Clemente appliance repair experts warn area residents that attempting to repair appliances without proper training and safety standards can be dangerous. Appliances should only be serviced by qualified appliance repair professionals who have the knowledge and experience to repair appliances safely.

In today’s troubled economy people are doing all they can to save money, but do-it-your self appliance repair can be dangerous and result in further damage to the unit. Lance and Charlene Riddle, owners of ASAP Appliance Service ( recommend checking for the obvious, like a tripped breaker or the plug coming loose. Read the owners manual troubleshooting section to see if there is an easy solution.

Many appliance problems are electrical. These problems require the specialized training of a San Clemente appliance repair technician. If the appliance is constantly tripping a breaker or it will not function at all, chances are there is an electrical problem requiring immediate action by a qualified appliance service technician.

Many components of the appliance are difficult to get to and require special tools for accessing and repairing or replacing parts. Technicians with ASAP Appliance Service have all the tools and replacement parts they need to get things working quickly and efficiently.

ASAP Appliance Service is well known and respected by area residents and business owners. Lance and Charlene Riddle are active participants in the community, supporting the local Boys & Girls Club and San Clemente High Schools’ Music Alliance, Dance Team, Scholastic Achievement Program & Grad Night. They are also active members of the San Clemente Camber of Commerce and of Le Tip of Mission Viejo. Visit to learn more.

About ASAP Appliance Service:
ASAP Appliance Service provides appliance parts and appliance repair done by friendly professionals. When home appliances need maintenance or repair ASAP will send a local appliance service technician to get things working again quickly and efficiently. ASAP provides services on all major appliance brands including KitchenAid, Kenmore, Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool and many more. Their fully-stocked trucks are in the neighborhood daily, prepared to provide prompt appliance repair and service.

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