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San Clemente Ice Maker Repair Man Provides Troubleshooting Tips 

When the icemaker fails a service call may not be necessary as there are a few simple things the owner can check before calling a technician

San Clemente CA – Most people take their appliances for granted and become frustrated when they fail to function. When the local icemaker repair man receives a call he knows that his expertise might not be needed. He advises the owner to check a few simple things before going to their home and charging a fee for a service call.

According to the icemaker service technician at ASAP Appliance Repair, the ice maker functions with a simple mechanism. When it fails to produce ice, there are a few simple things the owner should check before calling the ice maker repair man. In many cases a minor adjustment will get the ice flowing again.

Here are some tips from the icemaker repair man at ASAP Appliance Service (

• Read the troubleshooting section in the service manual

• Check the wire signal arm and power switch to be sure they are in the ON position

• Check for ice blocking the mechanism and make sure the water filter cartridge isn’t clogged

• Perhaps the saddle valve on the cold water line is clogged – if so, replace the valve.

Another problem with ice makers is the wire signal arm being held down, causing the unit to produce too much ice. Make sure nothing is holding it down. It should rise as the ice accumulates and then stop producing ice when the container is full.

If none of these suggestions produce a solution then call ASAP Appliance Repair. They will send a qualified ice maker service technician to diagnose and fix the problem. ASAP Appliance Repair technicians are licensed and insured to provide quality service for all major appliance brands.

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