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ASAP San Clemente Appliance Repair Celebrates over 20 Years Serving Laguna Hills Residents

Local dishwasher repair man goes over and above to save the day for a frustrated customer

Laguna Hills, CA – ASAP Appliance Repair in San Clemente celebrates over 20 years serving Laguna Hills residents. Owners Lance and Charlene Riddle are committed to continuing the tradition of providing honest and dependable service while always striving for excellence.

The appliance repair experience can be stressful. Mom is already upset with the mess made by the leaking dishwasher. To add to her distress, her call to the dishwasher repair company was answered by an electronic voice instructing her to press 1 for this and press 2 for that. She wants appliance repair service; what else would she be calling for?

Finally, a human voice answers to say they can have an appliance service technician come out next week. Would morning or afternoon be more convenient?

“Next week!” she exclaims. “I need my dishwasher fixed today!” So, she hangs up, takes a deep breath and calls another appliance repair company who she saw advertised in the local newspaper. The results were not much better.

Nearing the end of her patience, she makes one more call. While surfing the internet, she finds ASAP Appliance Repair ( website and thinks to herself, ‘what an appropriate name! I wonder if they really do provide service ASAP?”

When Lance received the call, he assured her he would be over within the next couple hours. He just happened to be in a nearby neighborhood finishing up another job and he was sure he could fix the dishwasher before going to his next appointment. The customer was thrilled to have everything working again and promised she would recommend her family and friends to ASAP home appliance service.

ASAP Appliance Repair in San Clemente is a family owned business that has served the Saddleback area for over 20 years. Owners Lance & Charlene Riddle began the business on Valentine’s Day of 1990, just after celebrating 21 years in the appliance repair business. Needless to say, they recently gained another loyal customer when they fixed her dishwasher within hours of receiving her phone call!

ASAP Appliance Service is a proud member of the United Servicer’s Association, Professional Servicers of California, Professional Servicer’s Association and the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce. Visit to learn more.

About ASAP Appliance Service San Clemente:
ASAP Appliance Service provides appliance parts and appliance repair done by friendly professionals. When home appliances need maintenance or repair ASAP will send a local appliance service technician to get things working again quickly and efficiently. ASAP provides services on all major appliance brands including KitchenAid, Kenmore, Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool and many more. Their fully-stocked trucks are in the neighborhood daily, prepared to provide prompt appliance repair and service.

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